Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Eurolog?
    Eurolog LLC is a trading enterprise specialized on the acquisition and sale of high-quality components destined for the machine industry.

  Why are Eurolog's terms so favorable?
    Eurolog intentionally operates on very tight margins. Some reasons why Eurolog can do this are mentioned under Company Profile.

This policy entails extremely good relations with our manufacturers. And this has definitely good consequences for you who purchase your components at Eurolog's since you can profit not only from our favorable prices but also from our excellent after-sale service.

  Which advantages does Eurolog offer me?
    Eurolog gives you full support and advice. In close collaboration with the manufacturers, Eurolog helps you to solve your technical problems. Eurolog takes care that your orders are carried out to your full satisfaction and that the goods are duly delivered at your address on the appointed day.

  This is indeed convincing and informative. Where can I get more information on Eurolog and its products?  
  Get in contact with us by telephone. We are looking forward to giving you all the details you want to know and to informing you on our product lines.
  You can of course order our documents and price lists also online.



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