Producers and Products

We can offer you all the products for the chemical industry, the oil and gas production, refineries, power plants, engines and automotive industry. We would like to draw your attention to the following manufacturers and their products:

HKS, Germany
Rubber compensators

Knitwire, England
Wire mesh

DtEC, England
Vane packs
Column packings

Elmac, UK
Flame Arrestors

Saint-Gobain, France
Stoneware Packings
for acid operational areas

Save, Italy
Tubes and elbows,
straight tubes, flexible tubes, connecting pieces in various materials

Butting, Germany
Tubes in stainless steel

Alexander Comley, UK
Flanges and fittings in stainless steel

Nelson, USA
Emission Absorbers,
Accessories for exhaust gas systems,
Filters, mufflers for all the major exhaust gas configurations

Nelson Burgess, UK

Balboni, Italy
Solenoids, Solenoid valves, Acessories for diesel engines, couplings, heaters, mufflers, scavenge pumps

Serck, UK
Coolers and heat exchangers

Covrad, UK
Industrial radiators, wheeled vehicle radiators,
Charge air coolers,
shell and tube heat exchangers, compressor coolers

Bowman, UK
Plate heat exchangers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, air charge coolers etc.

Teddington, UK
Temperature and Pressure Controls, Temperature and pressure switches

Matrix Engineering, Germany
Catalytic Converters, trap filters, exhaust gas purification

Power-Tronics, USA
Voltage regulators and static exciters for generators

Jürgen Lerch, Germany
Technical rubberware, specials, hoses, pipes


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